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Only for the picture I would wear certain outfits. Do not expect me to be in any outfit that is not okay to wear in public.



Only spankees should email me for an application or boys/girls who just need or want to be spanked.


I want to spank.

I like to spank.

I enjoy to spank.


I spank regardless if you like it or not.

"I truly believe this is my medicine.  


My spanking is your medicine.

We all need to take medicine once in a while.

Some more than others.

Some less than others.

It’s good for you.

You will be happy at the end when you have received a good spanking medicine from me. 

My medicine."

Miss Jennifer





Miss Jennifer's Pain Scale


My Rules:


I am very selective.  I do not play with anyone.

I pick and choose who interests me, who I believe I will enjoy.

If you are so lucky to have the opportunity to have sessions with me do know my rules, my likes and dislikes.  Do not forget it. Memorize it!


First email impression is important to me therefore if you talk without any respectful manner or with a foul mouth I will not even waste my time responding to you.


If you want an opportunity to have a session with me, you will need to email me for an application.  DO NOT call me to set up an appointment because all I will tell you is first you need to email me for an application as I do NOT make appointment over the phone with people I have NEVER spanked.  I do NOT care who you have seen or how experienced you are.  Just because you have seen other disciplinarian does NOT mean I will automatically see you.  It does not work like that with me.  I ONLY see people who I LIKE, who interest ME, and who I believe I will ENJOY.

I do NOT make any exceptions.

Do not give me this excuse like….I have no access to the internet, I don’t have a computer or I’m a computer ill iterate. Well how in the world did you find me? 

My rules are my rules. I do not bend them. So email me first.  I do not want to talk to you over the phone until I have received your application and you have been approved to have a session with me.


Understand I receive over 50+ emails a day and it is very hard to keep up.

If I do not respond to your application or your email PLEASE email it back to me again. Most likely I did not see your email because

I always respond to spanking emails.  If you email me and I feel they were not appropriate well then I will not respond as it is a waste of my time.


Do NOT expect to get a session with me without completing the application or not answering all of my questions. I will NOT approve….as I have already more than enough people to spank without yours.


I only pick out the ones who are interesting to ME.

If I do NOT approve you…it’s nothing personal. 

I only like to play with boys/girls who I know I will truly enjoy.

So, do not talk bad about me and make up stories about me to others only because I didn’t want to play with you and you want some sort of revenge.  That is so immature.

I will say it again….

I will NOT take just anyone for a session because you called or emailed me.  NO exceptions. NO excuses. I am not like others therefore do NOT expect I am the same! I am Miss Jennifer.




Please email and ask me for an application. 

I NEED YOUR COMPLETED APPLICATION, approval by me, a deposit sent to me before our phone talk about your session.

I am very busy therefore advance appointments are necessary.


My tributes are NOT negotiable.  Do not disrespect me by trying to negotiate some deals with me.  If you cannot afford my tribute, I should expect you NOT to contact me.


After I have approved your application, a deposit is required by the type of gift I would like.

My gift depends on the length of your session.

This only to ensure you are serious, commits, reserves your time slot and my travel expense to your city.

I must receive my gift to pencil you in for a session.

If you delay, I can NOT hold your spot.

I go by first come basis.

No gift. No session. No exception. I do NOT negotiate. Do not like it? Too bad. MY rules. Find someone else. I won’t miss you.


When I have received your deposit, I will email you to let you know and pencil you in for that date/time.


After I have received your deposit, I do expect a phone call before our session.  I like to talk in detail about our session, answer any questions you may have and give you further instructions.


I will say this again because I am getting sick and tired of getting phone calls from NEW boys who calls me LAST MINUTE for a session and want to skip the application process. (It’s funny it’s never the girls who do this!)

If you do not/like to take the time to read, understand my simple rules, follow MY rules, and/or just want to do it your way well I can say only this…I DO NOT LIKE YOU, YOU DO NOT INTEREST ME and I DO NOT WANT TO SPANK YOU. Period.  PLEASE go see someone else who does not care.


I like people who are intelligent, honest, nice, great personality, creative, fun, respectful to you/to others and love to get spanked.


I am not a call girl or an escort where I just sit by the phone filing my nails until I receive a phone call from anybody. If that is how and what you think of me then I don’t ever want to meet you for a spanking session.  If you want a session, you MUST go through the application process and schedule a session in advance like everyone else.

You are not special. I don’t care who you are! 

If you can’t follow my rules…You can’t have a session with me.


All of my spanking sessions are between 10:00am to 8:30pm.

I will NOT take any session after 8:30pm except for certain cities like Seattle, Atlanta, Dallas and few others. These cities I have sessions between 10 am to 10:00 pm.


I do offer sessions involving half day, full day, or Miss Jennifer travelling to you (sponsored trip), do inquire.


I recently moved away from San Antonio, Texas.

I am now located at Virginia and I will not get a spanking play place in Virginia because I am hardly home because of my travel. I will have all of my sessions at a respectable hotel.



Sessions are all held in a domestic setting.

I do NOT have any spanking sessions in dungeons so stop asking me and stop complaining on a forum sites because I will NOT change my mind. I do NOT like dungeon….I am a DISCIPLINARIAN and NOT a Mistress or a Dominatrix.  I will never have any of my sessions in a dungeon.  If Dungeon is your style then please go to someone who performs there.


Do NOT tell me to wear all leather, all pvc, or lingerie.  I wear NORMAL clothes.    Do not get me confused with a Mistress/Dominatrix.


Do NOT tell me what to wear for your future session.

I do not like someone controlling me and telling me this.

I will wear what is appropriate for the session.

I always like to wear heels, dresses, short skirts, blouses, shirts, and sometimes stockings, tights in the winter or bare legs.


Only for the pictures I would wear certain outfits. Do not expect me to be in any outfit that is not okay to wear in public. Understand this and there is NO exception. This applies to everyone. I will wear what is appropriate. I will only wear clothes I wear in my everyday life that is cute, kinda sexy, and tasteful but most importantly clothes that I am comfortable with.  If you have a problem with this then please go somewhere else for your spanking session as I am only willing to spank nice, honest and respectable people. No one perverted or gross.


Do NOT ask me during session “For an extra $$$ can you take off your blouse? Wear only panty and bra? Go topless? Wear a blouse without a bra?  Give me a happy ending…”  I do NOT up sell…I am not that kind of a girl.  I ONLY SPANK!!!!  Go somewhere else for this kind of crap.


I am a professional disciplinarian.  A true disciplinarian. This is what I love and enjoy doing.


I do understand and respect everyone has different types of interests besides spanking. Please understand and respect mine.  I am only into spanking, punishing, disciplining, and life coaching.  I am not interested in GS, Spat, any type of body worship, ass worship, face sitting, fire, wax play, blood, any type of anal play, toilet training, medical play, hand job, foot job,  T&D, anything that deals with animals or children, enemas, strap-on, heavy bondage,  needles or knife play,  Tease & Denial, spitting and whatever else there may be out there. Please do not ask me for these types of services.  They do not interest me at all.


Listen very carefully……I AM NOT INTO BODY WORSHIP!

I’ll say it again…I AM NOT INTO ANY TYPE OF WORSHIPPING.  That means you can’t touch or kiss any part of me.  Let me say it again for the people who are hard headed or think this website is a fake and thinking it is just a private message to get horny men. Well let me tell you this.  This website is what it says it is! I am a SPANKER. Nothing else.

I am not into any type of body worship so do not waste your time emailing me about that type of session as I will ONLY DELETE YOUR EMAIL.

Do not ever come to my session thinking that I will do extra things besides spanking. It will NEVER happen. I ONLY SPANK!!!!!!!


I am NOT a switch and I will NEVER allow anyone to spank me so please stop asking me. It is a big turn off for me. My high is giving not receiving.


When traveling, all of my sessions always take place in a hotel suite. You will come to me. I will not go to you.


Do NOT book a session with me if you are unsure you can make the appointment.

I will NOT have any future session with anyone who have filled out an application, was approved by me but then I hear nothing from that person again. How rude. To me that mean you do NOT have any manners. I don’t need to say more.  I believe you get what I’m trying to say.


I will NOT have any session with anyone who is not respectful over the telephone/email.


I will NOT have any future session with anyone who does not keep their words.


I will NOT have any future session with anyone who previously had a no show no call.   No exceptions. 

Be a responsible and a mature adult….If you must cancel, I expect a call or an email as soon as you know.


I will NOT have any future session with anyone who’s LATE and does not call me in advance to let me know.




My Likes And Dislikes


Before The Session


I must trust that you do take care of yourself.  You should be well rested, properly fed (Eat things your stomach likes. Do not try anything new or things that may cause a heartburn, gas, etc…), well hydrated and do not do anything strenuous before your session with me.  I do not want you to be sore because it might make it unpleasant for you when you have to be in certain position or when you are tightening your body when I am spanking you…I only want your bottom to be sore J by me. Make sure you are well hydrated (meaning water not coffee, not sugar soda, and definitely not alcohol) before you arrive for our session. 


Miss Jennifer likes:                      


- Showered

- Well-groomed

- Smells nice without heavy cologne or perfume

- Clean clothes             

- Great humor                                                  

- Honest

- Intelligent

- Keeps his words                   

- Courage

- Respectful                                       

- A respectful and kind gentleman or woman

- Remembers to bring implements if required by me

- On time

- Wears very little or NO fragrance, after shave or cologne

(Please be squeaky clean when you come to see me for a session. I do not want to put you in a diaper position and see a small clump of poop still sticking to your private hairs or poop stains on your private areas.)


Miss Jennifer dislikes:


- Not showered

- Not well-groomed

- Dirty/soiled clothes

- Does not smell nice

- Does not keep his words      

- Arrogant

- Disrespectful

- Dishonest

- Intimate contact

- Rude

- Prejudice

- Illegal activities

- Late

- Over use of fragrance, cologne or after shave

- When you smell only like a cigar or cigarette smoke

- Smacking his chewing gum

- Bad breathe

-When you are full of animal hair on your clothing


Only I read and respond to your emails.


I always answer my own phone calls when I am available, personally returns calls and my phone messages are heard only by me.


If you called me, left a message but I did not return your call. Do call me again. 


I schedule all the appointments and change them.


If you cancel a session last moment… you will be required to send the full tribute for my time. It will be required before I will schedule another new session with you.


I expect you to keep your words, stick to it and be on time. 


If you are running few minutes behind due to traffic, do call me and let me know.


Except for me, no shoes are allowed! You must remove your shoes right after you have entered my room but DO NOT remove your socks.  If you are wearing a sandal or flip flop that requires no socks…please bring one to wear. There is a good reason for this.


I expect you to be drug and alcohol free to any of my sessions.


You are allowed to use my toilet but remember not to make a mess. I do not want to see any bodily fluids or any drips!

I do not want to see any toilet paper or Kleenex on the floor.

I do not want to see water splashes everywhere on the floor or on the sink counter from washing your face or cleaning up.

I do and inspect my bathroom after each session.

If I see that you do not respect my bathroom, (hotel or my play place)

I will refuse to have another session with you. 

I do not like dirty/messy boys/girls or just do not care about other people places.


I expect you to NEVER DISRESPECT ME.


I believe it is extremely important to develop a mutual trust & respect.


Please come in respectable clothing when coming to see me. Meaning… does not attract attention by the way you dress.

I always stay at a nice hotel and I expect you to blend in and not look out of place.


I do not want to hear any profanity from your mouth!


Do not ask me to remove any of my clothing.


There will be NO nudity on my part so don’t ask!!!


Do not ask for permission to touch me! I


Do not ask for permission to lift up my skirt!


Do not ask for permission to uncross my legs.


Do not touch me!  Don’t test me or you’ll be sorry if you try.


If you try to touch me or behave inappropriately. I will stop the session and you will be ordered to leave.

Nothing is done without my permission!


No sex means NO SEX!  That means I will NOT be taking off my clothes, massaging, letting you kiss my intimate body parts….go see someone else for these activities!


I am a Professional disciplinarian not a prostitute. I offer nothing in terms of prostitution or anything illegal.


Do not ask me on a date.


Do not ask me to go out for a drink. I do not drink.


I do not and will not involve my professional life with my personal life even if you are cute, single and have a great income.


I expect my personal life and my personal space to be respected.


I am NOT looking for a boyfriend, girlfriend or a 24/7 slave.  You may only see me by appointment.


All decisions made between us will be honored… limits, skills, safety, responsibility, and creativity.


I do not see couples, only individuals.


Don’t ask me!  I do not offer free sample sessions.  All session begins with minimum of 60 minutes.


My implements are always cleaned & sanitized after each use/client.  Some things are again cleaned and sanitized right before using them.




Please do not keep quiet about anything that concerns your health.  You should inform me about any allergies, health, physical, emotional problems, or anything in that nature.


  Copyright (c) Miss Jennifer.  All Rights Reserved.




TY for the gifts from different spankees (BeBe heels, bustier and paddle)

Paddle by:


                    Copyright (c) Miss Jennifer.  All Rights Reserved.






Hi Miss Jennifer,


I am a life time spankoo,  I am a widowed male and I was born when Harry Truman was President, so I can say I been into spanking for a while.


Being a baby boomer growing up in the 50's and 60's, spanking was a ritual for most children of my generation.   I remember being spanked by my Dad on the bare behind for my report card, it seems I always  would  get a U or F in conduct or effort.   It seemed I was kind of a Denise the menace kind of child.


I spanked my wife when she acted like a brat or child like (usually hormonal issues) and of course my two children who are know full grown.


My wife had passed away about two years ago.    My life seemed to fall apart,  I was getting kicked out of places and other stupid things.

So  I thought I needed some discipline in my life because the shrink and Social worker didn't seem to help as much as I needed.   I needed a good attitude adjustment so I decided to search for lady disciplinarians and I found one in the Boston MA area where I lived.    I had about five or six sessions with her and my attitude and emotions seemed to improve a lot.    After 6 or 7 sessions in about 6 months time she became Ill and was unable to work as a disciplinarian anymore.

So my last spanking had been about a year or more and I was getting to regress back to needing a attitude adjustment again.


I went back to the internet and went into all things spanking and found disciplinarians and checked out their sites.   I looked for about two weeks off and on and I saw Miss Jennifer was coming to Boston at the end of March 2014.   I read her testimonial about 5 times and my first thought was she has a thousands rules and me being one that is not to good with rules thought so what do I got to lose.    I filled out and application and was very honest with my answering the questions and sent it to her.    To my surprise she liked it and then she sent me some more instructions on what I do next and many more of those stupid rules.


I met Miss Jennifer at a really nice hotel in Boston, called her five minutes before my time and she answered and told me the room number.

I went up to the room and knocked at the door across the hall ( got the number wrong)  but she heard the door across the hall and thought I was at her door and answered it and waved me in and she greeted me with a sweet smile and a hello.   I was taken back at first.   I am 6'2" and weigh 250 pounds and her she is 5ft tall and maybe 100 LBS.    We talked for awhile and she is so easy to talk to and very sweet and so smart.


Miss Jennifer came up with what I Needed and I was going to be spanked for bad health habits, immature behavior for my age,  another words a good attitude adjustment.     She had me remove my pants and had me over her knee and bared my bum and gave me a good sound spanking that had me wining, yelping, growling and squirming like crazy.*:(( crying  I didn't cry but I did carry on like a little kid trying not to cry.*>:) devil


I must tell you her method of spanking is that of perfection and preciseness.    Miss Jennifer pushed me past my pain tolerance.

Miss J is small and petite but spanks pretty hard just with her bare hand, she spanked me with some different implements, such as a nasty hairbrush, stinging wooden spoon, and many paddles and of course the taws,  I for some reason like the taws as one my favorite spanking tools to be used on me but of course if it was up to me it would be just that hard hand of hers.


If your a spanko looking for a women to give you a good sound spanking and uses good mentoring and is very caring and is a clean fanatic then try Miss Jennifer.     I call her Mighty Miss Jennifer because she can give a mighty good spanking.   ( I say that to myself of course)

Next time she is in Boston I am sure I would be due for another good spanking If she can put up with me.


Naughty Dave*:P tongue

Boston 2014





Miss Jennifer,

Please accept my apologies for this being so very, very late (2 months?). I guess I will have to set up another session with you so you can punish me for my procrastination. I'm sure a good session with cane and tawse would help me on that. No excuses, but just to explain a bit, I got a new boss who has NO idea what he is doing, plus I am fixing up and selling my house and buying another. Let's just say I've been a little bit stressed lately. As I said, no excuses.

Now, for the review:

When I first found Miss Jennifer's website, it took me a while to actually commit. I kept going back to her website and reading. I didn't want to be one of those who asked a stupid question where the answer was on her site.

I finally contacted her and filled out the application. I was thrilled at being accepted. At the time, she told me she doesn't come to Tulsa and has no plans to do so. So, I had to find an excuse to go to Dallas or Houston. I finally found the excuse when much to my surprise I saw Tulsa on her schedule. After I confirmed that it was no typo and she was actually coming to Tulsa, I jumped on it.

I think I was her first in Tulsa and I was very nervous, but she quickly put me at ease. I had asked for a role play for a story I am writing. She was very convincing and I hoped I was playing my part as well as she was playing hers. Well, whether or not I was, she was excellent at playing hers.

She started some music which I thought was just background noise to mask her spanks. I quickly realized that she used it for spanking to the beat. Over her knee I went for some good, solid hand spanks. I'm not sure when she switched from her hands to a paddle, but at some point, she did. I remember wondering exactly what I had gotten myself into.

Then, it was to lie on the bed for more paddles and straps and many more. I can say I wasn't a big fan of the lollipop, but she did use a tawse on me in expert fashion. She used a cat toy on me in a way I never would have imagined. I felt a pang of fear every time she went back to her implement bag and tried to catch a peek at what was coming up. Sometimes, I wish I hadn't

When it was over, I was very sore. We talked for a bit, then a hug. As I walked back to my car, I thought that I wasn't feeling too bad. Then... I sat down. Okay, I certainly felt that.

Was I nervous? Yes. Would I do this again? In a heartbeat. I have been spanked by others in the past, but I will never be spanked by another after Miss Jennifer. Thank you.


Tulsa 2014



Only for the picture I would wear certain outfits. Do not expect me to be in any outfit that is not okay to wear in public.


TY for the gifts from different spankees (strap, heels, blk/pink garter & stocking)

Prison Rubber Strap by:





Hi Miss Jennifer,

Sheesh, where to start.. I guess I've known for sometime that something was lacking from my life.  I continually  make the same mistakes and then write it off as being ok bc of some abandonment issues from my childhood. Every teacher and/or authority figure has always described me as a very sweet, funny, and Extremely Strong-willed girl. This being said, I've learned to be charming and very capable of talking myself out of trouble or atleast less trouble.. Until Miss Jennifer....None of my manipulations made even the slightest bit of difference, in fact she sternly told me I was "gonna get it worse now". And while I'm thinking about it Never and I mean Never try to explain something starting with the words "yeah but"... The look I got made me slink into the couch bc she got me to admit I knew I was doing wrong, and still did it anyway. Then she said ok, I'm going to get my implements and without looking at me she said pull your pants down. She sat on the bed, patted her lap, and said "come on". So I tried to lay across her lap with my pants only down a little, with a whoosh she pulled them down the way she wanted them, positioned me, and so it began. She warmed me up, then it started to smart a little, then came some rubber paddle thing.. It stung but for most part bearable, so I thought. Her swing became harder and I started squirming and whimpering a little until she decided to concentrate on one specific area of my right cheek, I tried so hard to stay stoic and quiet.. 😣Yeah ok.. I tried to crawl forward and she pulled me back to her lap 💪 as I was mid-air and I thudded on her lap.. Mind you she never missed a swat. I said "oh God I'm sorry, did I hurt you?" She laughed and said"no, am I hurting you ?" I said "yesssss" and through a smile she said "you need this".

Eventually, she said to get up, then lay across the bed. I did, and then I saw her pick up the dreaded butt beater..😱 All I could say was "oh no, that's the one I'm afraid of. She smiled, and I knew this is what she meant when she said " gonna get it worse now". OMG , I've never felt anything like it before .. But I kept telling myself "need this, need this".

She kept whipping me until I thought I was gonna come out of my skin and then she would back off ever so slightly.. I was not gonna beg her to stop😡,so when I finally broke all I could whisper was " ok, I get it! please, I get it!" All of a sudden I felt extremely peaceful 😌, and actually welcomed the burning sensation, I kinda felt like I was flying.. It was very calming, very similar to the feeling when she had accepted my application, and I finally knew I would be getting what I've needed for so long. Miss Jennifer called it euphoria, I felt extreme safety and such gratefulness to her.  She let me get up, pull my pants up, and finished with advice, love, and promises of future discipline. It's been almost 24 hours since my session, and I feel her words with every move I make.. Lol, but I sincerely thank her, and look forward to her painful lessons...remember strong-willed😉.

Soundly punished,


Pittsburg 2014






"I'm not entirely sure what to say that hasn't already been said in the other testimonials, but Miss Jennifer and the spanking she delivered were so memorable that I felt it would be an injustice to not let other spankees know how wonderful my spanking experience with her was. 


I, like I'm sure many of you reading this, have longed to be spanked since I was fairly young (in my case, since I was 11 or so). I was never spanked growing up, and the only spanks I had ever received were some soft ones from a girlfriend of mine as foreplay. I used to spend hours staring at Miss Jennifer's site when I was a teenager, and when I was 21, I realized I was finally ready to pursue a proper disciplinary spanking from her. In retrospect, I wish I hadn't waited that long to contact Miss Jennifer, but until this past year, I wasn't sure that I was truly ready to accept a spanking from Miss Jennifer, if she agreed to see me. The last thing I wanted to do was flake out on her and ruin my chances of ever being spanked by Miss Jennifer again, so it took a lot of soul searching and getting over my nerves to send her an email. What I soon found out was that there was absolutely no reason to be nervous. During our email correspondence and initial phone conversation, Miss Jennifer was kind, compassionate, and understanding of what I desired, and she assured me that she would be able to give me the punishment spanking I yearned to experience.


However, her sweet nature on the phone did not stop me from feeling nervous the day of my spanking. The night before, I could hardly sleep because I was so excited, and my bottom felt like it was twitching all day. When I finally knocked on the door of her hotel room, I felt like there was a large pit in my stomach, but her friendly smile and warm embrace quickly dispelled my nervousness. Following a brief chat about why I was there being punished and my experience with spanking, she had me drop my pants and took me over her knee to begin my spanking. While I knew the spanking was going to hurt, I can tell you that I had no idea it would hurt as much as it did. Her hand, hairbrush, bath brushes, sturdy rubber paddle, twase, strap, and butt beater, gave my bottom all that it could handle and a little bit extra. All I felt that I could do was grip onto the sheets as hard as I could and burry my head in the comforter, because Miss Jennifer made it clear that she would decide when my butt had endured enough punishment. That might sound a bit harsh, but that is exactly what I needed. Also, she didn't just beat my bottom. She continually checked on me to make sure I was OK, and gave me short breaks when I really needed them. At the end of my punishment, my bottom was stinging, sore, bruised, and very painful, but the spanking was incredibly cathartic, and at the end of it I felt much better than I had going into it. After my punishment, we chatted a bit more, she hugged me, and said our goodbyes. My bottom was still sore a number of days after my punishment, and was a constant reminder for me to be good, just like Miss Jennifer told me.


In summary... I couldn't recommend seeing Miss Jennifer enough, if it is a spanking you are after. She delivers one that is memorable and effective as a form of discipline, and she her sweet disposition makes her the perfect person to deliver a firm but compassionate spanking. Hopefully I'll find myself in her neck of the woods agains soon, as I am sure I will need another spanking again soon."


(Houston 2014)









I had searched the web and looked at several disciplinarian sites. Miss Jennifer's site was the first one I looked at and kept my attention. But I was unsure and very cautious as I'm always at the possibility of meeting someone through the Internet. One can't go by what people say. What I find interesting about Miss J is she does as she states. She is a girl through and through. I told her once that she reminds me of the TV show "That Girl". That Miss J is a sweet, kind, and funny girl. She is also well disciplined. She stays to her word and will not bend for anyone or anything. I have shared myself to my friends and professionals. None of which gave me feedback the way Miss J did.



We are all given a special gift in life at birth. It is what makes each individual unique in their own way. Miss Jennifer's gift is compassion and understanding for people. She has keen insight of people. This is a unique gift that she utilizes to it's full potential. It provides her the ability to give an individual the advice they need. It doesn't matter to Miss J if you like what she says or not. She will deliver her advice straight forward. If you want someone to give advice nice and sweet then find someone else to meet. Miss Jennifer delivers her advice in a cunning way. There is compassion in her voice which eases the pain of someone telling you the truth about yourself.



Miss J provides a spanking service. This is an act just as a lawyer presents his client's case, being a pitcher in a baseball game, being a pilot of a F22, driving a car in a Nascar race, walking on a wire across the Grand Canyon, or a doctor doing brain surgery. These and many more can only be done by an individual with the skills and knowledge to do so. Robby Knievel started riding motorcycles at the age of 7 which made him a skilled daredevil. Miss J is this way at spanking. She started as a child and her spanking skills were molded and polished through her life. You can be assured your butt will get what it deserves. No need to be concerned with not having a safe word or telling her to stop. She has butt knowledge and will stop when she knows you have received what you deserve.



Miss J has knowledge of many different life subjects as she travels the world learning about all walks of life. She will tell you the where, what, and why you have a problem. Then the paddle comes for her words to sink into your head. I grasp as I watched her get the implements together that will be used on my butt. There was one though that I did not see. It was the stinging spatula. I was face down and didn't have knowledge of which implement she was using until she told me that her spatula broke. I thought to myself "Oh thank goodness". Being thankful was for just a few seconds as she got another spatula to use. Miss Jennifer is an Angel with a paddle. Meeting her is an experience anyone should not miss.



After just one session with Miss Jennifer I was blessed with the nick name "Spatula Breaker" from her. But it was I that nick named her "That Girl" first. So here is a short song just for Miss Jennifer.



Canes, Brushes, Spoons,

That Girl Spanks

Sweet, Smart, Funny,

That Girl Spanks

She's a disciplinarian for thee,

She's everything that every girl should be!


Texas, Minnesota, California,

That Girl Spanks

Korea, Canada, Germany,

That Girl Spanks


She's all this in one, but luckily for you,

If you find a girl that spanks,

Only one girl that spanks,

Then Miss Jennifer will be That Girl, 

That Girl Spanks!

(Atlanta 2014)












My favorite naughty boy from DTW who had a 3 hr session….well the paddle gave up on me! (Trust me; it was bought from a very reputable store.) How sad! I guess his bottom was just too tough for this paddle LOL.






Hi Miss Jennifer,

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Miss Jennifer when she came to my town.  I have been interested in spanking my whole life.  But as a child I thought I was weird, because I thought nobody else liked to get spanked.  When I was a little older I discovered spanking websites, and from there I’ve learned so much about spanking and little bit about why some people like to be spanked. 

I would try to get my girlfriends to spank me.  Some of them did, but it was never a real spanking like I craved.  I discovered professional disciplinarians a few years ago, but the ones I found didn’t really seem to offer what I wanted, and they didn’t come to my city.  I found Miss Jennifer’s website by sheer luck a few months ago.  After reading her website, and nearly every testimonial, I was convinced that I had to see her.  She actually came to my city a few days after I found her site, but I was busy that day.  Fortunately she was scheduled to come to my town a few months later as well.  I emailed her for an application, which I filled out very thoroughly.  I was very excited when I got an email back from her which said, “I like it”. 

As the day approached for my spanking, I became very excited and a little nervous.  Finally the appointed day arrived.  I was so excited that I accomplished very little that day, as I waited for the hour of my session.  I arrived early to the hotel, and at 5 minutes to the hour I called her number.  She told me to come up.  When I got to her door I was very nervous.  I was thinking, “What if she’s not what she’s like on her website.”  Well I knocked on the door, and was greeted by a beautiful petite lady.  She is very outgoing, and we talked for some time.  I had asked for a punishment session, so she again asked if I really thought I could handle that.  I really wanted to know what a severe spanking was like, so I confirmed that I wanted it. 

After some more chatting she said we should get started.  We moved to the bedroom, where she turned on some music and arranged a pillow on the bed for me to bury my face in.  She sat on the bed and told me to come to her.  Then she pulled my pants down and had me lay across her lap.  I thought, “Maybe she’ll just spank me over my underwear.”  But then she pulled my underwear down too. 

The spanking started with her hand.  I had read all the testimonials about how hard she can spank with her hand, but I was still a little skeptical.  But it’s true.  Her hand spanking almost got me to cry out, but somehow I endured it.  Next she used several small paddles and a hairbrush.  The worst was the little rubber paddle.  Or so I thought.  Then came the big guns! 

Next she had me lay across the bed, and she started using the butt beater.  She moved on to the strap, and then a large wooden paddle.  Up to this point the spanking was very intense, but also bearable.  Not so with the wooden paddle.  That hurt like hell!  Especially on my thighs and sit spot.  I buried my face in the pillow and squeezed it with all my might trying not to scream. 

Several times between implements she spayed something on my butt which helped cool it down for the next round of spanks.  She cycled back to the butt beater and rubber paddle several times.  The grand finale came in the form of the cane.  With each stroke of the cane came a new burning sting across my butt.  I thought I was going to yell out, but I kept my face in the pillow and somehow made it through.  When she said I could get up I felt my butt, and it was on fire!  I looked at it in the mirror, and every inch of it was red.  The marks from the cane were an even deeper shape of red. 

My backside hurt for several days after the spanking, and some of the marks lasted for over a week.  It was truly a memorable experience.  After so many years I finally experienced the spanking I had longed for.  Miss Jennifer is the only disciplinarian I’ve been too, but I seriously doubt any other disciplinarian could be as skilled or as beautiful as Miss Jennifer!  Next time I see Miss Jennifer I want to do a role play.  I’ve heard she is terrific at playing the part.  I greatly look forward to the next time Miss Jennifer is in my City.


Oklahoma 2014






Today I had my first session with Miss Jennifer and she is amazing. Over the years I have had many sessions in the past but never felt satisfied with a session. I have had a spanking fetish since I was eleven years old and I have never understood it I felt weird and alone in my desire. Miss Jennifer let me know it is ok to feel this way. She is kind  and understanding she lets you know its ok and you know she is with you. It all started when I sent a request for a session. She sent me a nice email with her application. I sent it back to her as well as a concern I work in the Hotel industry and did not want my personal life and work to be involved. Miss Jennifer made sure she booked at a hotel that would work for me and made a time for a phone conversation. On the phone conversation she let me know I as not alone in how I felt and gave me peace. She told me how to prepare myself what to expect and warned me the spanking would hurt. She is very caring and

 kind lady and she cares about those lucky to be spanked by her it shows right off before you even meet her. For the next two weeks I was scared but sure I wanted this session but still not knowing what to expect. The time came and I was scared as I called her she told me her room number and I felt at ease. When I knocked at her door she opened the door with a smile she is very pretty lady but what stands out was who she is. She made me feel like she was there  for me and to relax. After some chat she said it was time for my spanking. I took my pants off and bent over her lap she pulled my underpants down and stared to spank me I think with her hand but I am not sure( this lady spanks hard)next was a hairbrush and a small paddle. The sting is painful. Next came the butt beater and its painful. Then came the paddles this was the best I love being paddled and she did not let me down. She shows great caring from start to finish she cares about you safety

 she makes sure not to give you more than you can safely handle but she will make it hurt. I left with a better understanding of who I am and I am looking forward to future sessions with her. If you have the same desire I have you need to book with Jennifer she is best. Jim

(Tulsa 2014)





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