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Only for the picture I would wear certain outfits. Do not expect me to be in any outfit that is not okay to wear in public.



Only Spankees should email me for an application or boys/girls who just need or want to be spanked.


I want to spank.

I like to spank.

I enjoy to spank.


I spank regardless if you like it or not.

"I truly believe this is my medicine.  


My spanking is your medicine.

We all need to take some medicine once in a while.

Some more than others.

Some less than others.

It’s good for you.

You will be happy at the end when you have received a good spanking medicine from me. 

My medicine."

Miss Jennifer





Miss Jennifer's Pain Scale


My Rules:


I am very selective.  I do not play with anyone.

I pick and choose who interests me, who I believe I will enjoy.

If you are so lucky to have the opportunity to have sessions with me do know my rules, my likes and dislikes.  Do not forget it. Memorize it!


First email impression is very important to me therefore if you talk without any respectful manner, with a foul mouth or when you freely decide to sends me pics that is NOT your face… I will not waste my time responding to you. It will be deleted!


If you want an opportunity to have a session with me, you will need to email me for an application.   I do NOT care who you have seen or how experienced you are.  Just because you have seen other disciplinarian does NOT mean I will automatically see you.  It does not work like that with me.  I ONLY see people who I LIKE, who interest ME, and who I believe I WANT to spank, punish, discipline...etc…

I do NOT make any exceptions.

Do not give me this excuse like….I have no access to the internet, I don’t have a computer or I’m a computer ill iterate. Well how in the world did you find me? 

My rules are my rules. I do not bend them. So email me first and don’t you freaking dare call me first!!!!  I do not want to talk to you over the phone until I have received your application and you have been approved to have a session with me.


Understand I receive over 50+ emails a day and it is very hard to keep up.

If I do not respond to your application or your email PLEASE email it back to me again. Most likely I did not see your email because

I always respond to spanking emails OR I am super behind on my responses.  If you email me and I feel they were not appropriate well then I will not respond as it is a waste of my time.


Do NOT expect to get a session with me without completing the application or not answering all of my questions. I will NOT approve….as I have already more than enough people to spank without yours.


I only pick out the ones who are interesting to ME.

If I do NOT approve you…it’s nothing personal. 

I only like to see  boys/girls who I know I will truly enjoy.

So, do not talk bad about me and make up stories about me to others only because I didn’t want to play with you and you want some sort of revenge.  That is so immature.

I will say it again….

I will NOT take just anyone for a session because you called or emailed me.  NO exceptions. I am not like others therefore do NOT expect I am the same! I am Miss Jennifer.




Please email and ask me for an application. 

I NEED YOUR COMPLETED APPLICATION, approval by me, a deposit sent to me before our phone talk about your session.

I am very busy therefore advance appointments are necessary.


My donations are NOT negotiable.  Do not disrespect me by trying to negotiate some deals with me.  If you cannot afford my donation, I should expect you NOT to contact me.


After I have approved your application, a deposit is required by the type of gift I would like.

My gift depends on the length of your session.

This only to ensure you are serious, commits, reserves your time slot and my travel expense to your city.

I must receive my gift to pencil you in for a session.

If you delay, I can NOT hold your spot.

I go by first come basis.

No gift. No session. No exception. Do not like it? Too bad. MY rules. Find someone else. I won’t miss you.


When I have received your deposit, I will email you to let you know and pencil you in for that date/time.


After I have received your deposit, I do expect a phone call before our session.  I like to talk in detail about our session, answer any questions you may have and give you further instructions.


All of my spanking sessions are between 11:00am to 8:00pm.

I will NOT take any session after 8:00pm except for certain cities like Seattle, Atlanta, Dallas and few others. These cities I have sessions between 11am to 10:00 pm. Why those cities? Well the way my suite is laid out…you could scream like crazy and no one could hear you. Hahaha 


I do offer sessions involving half day, full day, or Miss Jennifer travelling to you (sponsored trip), do inquire.


I am currently located at Virginia and I do not have a spanking play place in Virginia because I am hardly home in my home town as I travel extensively to many cities for spanking sessions.

I will have all of my sessions at a respectable hotel. 



Sessions are all held in a domestic setting.

I do NOT have any spanking sessions in dungeons so stop asking me and stop complaining on a forum sites because I will NOT change my mind. I do NOT like dungeon….I am a DISCIPLINARIAN and NOT a Mistress or a Dominatrix.  I will never have any of my sessions in a dungeon.  If Dungeon is your style then please go to someone who performs there.


Do NOT tell me to wear all leather, all pvc, or lingerie.  I wear NORMAL clothes. Clothes you would wear out for dinner.   Do not get me confused with a Mistress/Dominatrix.


Do NOT tell me what to wear for your future session.

I do not like someone controlling me and telling me this.

I will wear what is appropriate for the session.

I always like to wear heels, dresses, short skirts, blouses, shirts, and sometimes stockings, tights in the winter or bare legs.


Only for the pictures I would wear certain outfits. Do not expect me to be in any outfit that is not okay to wear in public.

I will wear what is appropriate. I will only wear clothes I wear in my everyday life that is cute, kinda sexy, and tasteful but most importantly clothes that I am comfortable with.  If you have a problem with this then please go somewhere else for your spanking session as I am only willing to spank nice, honest and respectable people. Not a person who is perverted or gross.


Do NOT ask me during session “For an extra $$$ can you take off your blouse? Wear only panty and bra? Go topless? Wear a blouse without a bra?  Give me a happy ending…”  “ Can I do a happy ending?” I do NOT up sell…I am not that kind of a girl.  I ONLY SPANK!!!!  Go somewhere else for this kind of crap.


I am a professional disciplinarian.  A true disciplinarian. This is what I love and enjoy doing.  It is my passion. 


I do understand and respect everyone has different types of interests besides spanking. Please understand and respect mine.  I am only into spanking, punishing, disciplining, and life coaching.  I am not interested in GS, Spat, any type of body worship, ass worship, face sitting, fire, wax play, blood, any type of anal play, toilet training, medical play, hand job, foot job,  T&D, anything that deals with animals or children, enemas, strap-on, heavy bondage,  needles or knife play,  Tease & Denial, spitting and whatever else there may be out there. Please do not ask me for these types of services.  They do not interest me at all.


Listen very carefully……I AM NOT INTO BODY WORSHIP!

I’ll say it again…I AM NOT INTO ANY TYPE OF WORSHIPPING.  That means you can’t touch or kiss any part of me.  Let me say it again for the people who are hard headed or think this website is a fake and thinks it is just a private message to get horny men. Well let me tell you this.  This website is what it says it is! I am a SPANKER. Nothing else.

I am not into any type of body worship so do not waste your time emailing me about that type of session as I will ONLY DELETE YOUR EMAIL.

Do not ever come to my session thinking that I will do extra things besides spanking. It will NEVER happen. I ONLY SPANK!!!!!!!


I am NOT a switch and I will NEVER allow anyone to spank me so please stop asking me. It is a big turn off for me. My high is giving not receiving.


When traveling, all of my sessions always take place in a hotel suite. You will come to me. I will not go to you.


Do NOT book a session with me if you are unsure you can make the appointment.


Do NOT email for a session with me if you are unsure you can make time available for a session.

I will NOT have any future session with anyone who have filled out an application, was approved by me but then I hear nothing from that person again. How rude. To me that mean you do NOT have any manners. I don’t need to say more.  I believe you get what I’m trying to say.


I will NOT have any session with anyone who is not respectful over the telephone/email.


I will NOT have any future session with anyone who does not keep their words.


I will NOT have any future session with anyone who previously had a no show no call.   No exceptions. 


I will NOT have any future session with anyone who has canceled their session 3 times in a row.


Be a responsible and a mature adult….If you must cancel, I expect a call or an email as soon as you know.


I will NOT have any future session with anyone who’s LATE and does not call me in advance to let me know.




My Likes And Dislikes


Before The Session


I must trust that you do take care of yourself.  You should be well rested, properly fed (Eat things your stomach likes. Do not try anything new or things that may cause a heartburn, gas, etc…), well hydrated and do not do anything strenuous before your session with me.  I do not want you to be sore because it might make it unpleasant for you when you have to be in certain position or when you are tightening your body when I am spanking you…I only want your bottom to be sore J by me. Make sure you are well hydrated (meaning water not coffee, not sugar soda, and definitely not alcohol) before you arrive for our session. 


Miss Jennifer likes:                      


- Showered

- Well-groomed

- Smells nice without heavy cologne or perfume

- Clean clothes             

- Great humor                                                  

- Honest

- Intelligent

- Keeps his words                   

- Courage

- Respectful                                       

- A respectful and kind gentleman or woman

- Remembers to bring implements if required by me

- On time

- Wears very little or NO fragrance, after shave or cologne

(Please be squeaky clean when you come to see me for a session. I do not want to put you in a diaper position and see a small clump of poop still sticking to your private hairs or poop stains on your private areas.)


Miss Jennifer dislikes:


- Not showered

- Not well-groomed

- Dirty/soiled clothes

- Does not smell nice

- Does not keep his words      

- Arrogant

- Disrespectful

- Dishonest

- Intimate contact

- Rude

- Prejudice

- Illegal activities

- Late

- Over use of fragrance, cologne or after shave

- When you smell only like a cigar or cigarette smoke

- Smacking his chewing gum

- Bad breathe

-When you are full of animal hair on your clothing


Only I read and respond to your emails.


I always answer my own phone calls when I am available, personally returns calls and my phone messages are heard only by me.


If you called me, left a message but I did not return your call. Do call me again. 


I schedule all the appointments and change them.


If you cancel a session last moment… you will be required to send the full tribute for my time. It will be required before I will schedule another new session with you.


I expect you to keep your words, stick to it and be on time. 


If you are running few minutes behind due to traffic, do call me and let me know.


Except for me, no shoes are allowed! You must remove your shoes right after you have entered my room but DO NOT remove your socks.  If you are wearing a sandal or flip flop that requires no socks…please bring one to wear. There is a good reason for this.


I expect you to be drug and alcohol free to any of my sessions.


You are NOT allowed to use my toilet!!  IT is NOT a public restroom. Please make sure you use the restroom in main lobby.


I expect you to NEVER DISRESPECT ME.


I believe it is extremely important to develop a mutual trust & respect.


Please come in respectable clothing when coming to see me. Meaning… does not attract attention by the way you dress.

I always stay at a nice hotel and I expect you to blend in and not look out of place.


I do not want to hear any profanity from your mouth!


Do not ask me to remove any of my clothing.


There will be NO nudity on my part so don’t ask!!!


Do not ask for permission to touch me! I


Do not ask for permission to lift up my skirt!


Do not ask for permission to uncross my legs.


Do not touch me!  Don’t test me or you’ll be sorry.


If you try to touch me or behave inappropriately. I will stop the session and you will be ordered to leave.

Nothing is done without my permission!


No sex means NO SEX!  That means I will NOT be taking off my clothes, massaging, letting you kiss my body parts….go see someone else for these activities!


I am a Professional disciplinarian not a prostitute. I offer nothing in terms of prostitution or anything illegal.


Do not ask me on a date. I do not mix my professional life with my personal life.


Do not ask me to go out for a drink. I do not drink.


I do not and will not involve my professional life with my personal life even if you are cute, single and have a great income.


I expect my personal life and my personal space to be respected.


I am NOT looking for a boyfriend, girlfriend or a 24/7 slave.  You may only see me or talk to me by appointment.


All decisions made between us will be honored… limits, skills, safety, responsibility, and creativity.


I do not see couples, only individuals.


Don’t ask me!  I do not offer free sample sessions.  All session begins with minimum of 60 minutes.


My implements are always cleaned & sanitized after each use/client.  Some things are again cleaned and sanitized right before using them.




Please do not keep quiet about anything that concerns your health.  You should inform me about any allergies, health, physical, emotional problems, or anything in that nature.


  Copyright (c) Miss Jennifer.  All Rights Reserved.


TY for the gifts from different spankees (BeBe heels, bustier and paddle)

Paddle by:


 Copyright (c) Miss Jennifer.  All Rights Reserved.




Here is the testimonial:


My first session with Miss Jennifer was such a memorable experience. Like many others, my spanking fantasy started at an very early age. I was never spanked growing up. A few years ago, I finally decided to do something about my desire and met with a female disciplinarian in the east coast. Unfortunately, the intensity and the experience was not satisfying. Recently, I discovered Miss Jen's website. After reading through all the information and testimonials, I decided to reach out to her for a real spanking experience. I requested and filled out my application. The next day, I received her reply and was luckily accepted. 

I arrived at the hotel at the scheduled time. She greeted me at the door with a charming smile. She invited me to sit down and we talked for a while. I was a bit nervous in the beginning. I explained to her that I wanted a real spanking experience and have my limit pushed but I didn't understand why I had such weird desire. She did a great job putting me at ease and explaining why I have this desire and that I am perfectly normal. Everything she said was very convincing. 


After chatting, we moved to the bedroom and she turned on the music. She had me laid across her lap and the spanking started with her hands. The pace quickly increased. She switched to some small implements at some point. It was a lot of sting but I felt that it was not too bad. Next, she had me laid over the bed and moved to a number of implements, including the butt beater. To be honest, I was too focus on staying still and managing the pain that I didn't pay much attention to what implements were used. I felt that i was handling it quite well throughout the entire session until she pulled out some kind of heavy wooden paddle toward the end. I could feel the bruising of my bottom from each swat of this thing, which I didn't enjoy. It was an intense and very memorable experience. 


I was quite shocked and scared to the see marks afterwards. Jen explained that I marked very easily because it was my first session. My backside was sore for several days after the session and some of the marks lasted for over ten days. I was so thankful that I got the chance to meet with Miss Jennifer. I finally experienced the spanking I have long desired for. I can't wait to see her again!



(Chicago 2016)




Only for the picture I would wear certain outfits. Do not expect me to be in any outfit that is not okay to wear in public.


TY for the gifts from different spankees (strap, heels, blk/pink garter & stocking)

Prison Rubber Strap by:







Over the course of the last five and a half years I’ve had the honor of participating in 14 punishment sessions with the lovely Miss Jennifer.  This may seem like relatively few, especially when compared to the numbers that other of her spankees have endured, but believe me, each of the fourteen was sufficiently intense to make up for the low number. Besides, in any given session (and most all of them) I’ve been spanked with her hand, hairbrushes, wooden spoons, a wicked rubber paddle, a large wooden school paddle, spatulas, canes, carpet beaters, belts, straps, tawses and what feels like an infinite variety of other implements and in a way I’ve received hundreds of spankings, paddlings, canings, strappings and assorted other beatings from Miss Jen.

               Now I said it was an honor, rather than a pleasure, because, lets face it, the pleasure of being spanked by a disciplinarian as intense as Miss Jennifer is complicated at best. Yes, there is the desire that draws you, the need to be punished, the wish to submit, the thrill of being spanked by such an attractive young woman, and then there is the reality of the experience. Miss Jennifer never fails to find whatever it is you may think are your limits and then push you as far past them as possible. Yet in spite of what is ultimately the application of a lot of force, she doesn’t so much force you past your limits as guide you to new levels of endurance.

               Every session I’ve ever had with Miss Jennifer has been something of a paradoxical experience. The petite, smiling young woman who greets you at the door does nothing to prepare you for the sadistic disciplinarian that she becomes the moment your pants come down and you go across her lap. She easily disarms most of your anxieties with friendly conversation about the weather, travel or other innocuous subjects. And even when discussing the details of your impending punishment her tone is light and cheery. She makes it very easy to talk about the things you want from the session. Topics you could never speak casually about to other people are easily discussed with Miss Jennifer. She puts you at such ease with her professionalism and caring, that you have almost no remaining anxiety about surrendering your tender bare bottom to her array of wicked implements.

               My favorite part of almost every session is that moment when she calls me over to where she is seated and starts to unbuckle my belt. Perhaps we’ve been doing a role-play, and having acted out our pre-spanking drama where the strict teacher or angry aunt has confronted the naughty boy with his misdeeds, I may offer some resistance to her efforts to remove my pants. But she never fails to overcome that resistance and unbuckle my belt, unfasten my pants and push them down off my hips. She has me remove them and then pats her thigh as a signal that it is time to get across her lap. I move into position without hesitation, knowing that it will be but brief seconds before she peels my boxer briefs down to my thighs and starts the spanking. I know two things about Miss Jennifer at this moment, that I can trust her absolutely, and that she will give me the most intense and severe spanking that she thinks I can endure. Miss Jennifer uses no safe words. When you put yourself at her mercy that is exactly where you are, at her mercy. And it’s exactly where you want to be. There is no fear in this act of total submission, only a sense of calm, comfort and even peace.

               Of course that is only the calm before the storm. There is nothing calm or comforting or peaceful about getting spanked. It is an act of physical violence, even when consensual, and even when the individual getting spanked desires to receive it more than anything else in the world. There is nothing more thrilling than receiving that first stinging slap of Miss Jennifer’s palm, but it’s about as calming as jumping out of an airplane. The good thing is that Miss Jennifer is much more reliable than the best packed parachute in the world, and you know at the end of the journey, your going to land safely.

               Miss Jennifer’s hand is one of her most potent implements, and she has used it with great skill on my bare behind. There is nothing quite like the sting of each slap and the sound of her palm smacking against my skin. She alternates between a series of quick sharp slaps that sting the surface and slow methodical hard spanks that drive the pain home.  I’m always amazed at how long she can keep going, how she applies what seems like several hundred smacks of her hand to warm me up for the array of more severe implements that will follow. She’ll switch from one hand to another often during the spanking. Occasionally she’ll place a hand on my lower back after having used it to smack by bottom red, and it will feel as hot as my own skin. I have never found it difficult to endure a Miss Jennifer hand spanking. Oh it stings enough to let you know that your bottom will be quite red and sore, but it is the most pleasurable part of the whole experience, and you feel as if you could stay across her lap and let her spank you like that until the end of time. But it never lasts, and as soon as she’s satisfied that she has warmed up every square inch of my bottom she moves on to the next phase of the session.

               Miss Jennifer always has her lap instruments on hand for immediate use, meaning there is little more than a few seconds between the time she finishes with her palm and starts fresh with something new. The implements at this stage include hairbrushes, wooden spoons, spatulas, small wooden paddles and that rubber paddle thing that hurts like hell. She tends to deliver more of the sharp quick spanks with these implements, an almost constant rain of blows that give you no time to react to one hit before the next is landing. Occasionally she will slow down and lay that wood or rubber into you with long slow strokes, but it happens less often than it does when she is using her hand. Everything definitely stings more at this stage, but I rarely feel a challenging level of discomfort. The pain is still exquisite. Stingy. Sharp. Your nerve endings firing with every hard spank. And at this stage you can still enjoy the pleasure that Miss Jennifer gets out of the session. Part of the appeal of the whole experience is in how much Miss Jennifer enjoys the work, so it’s as much about offering yourself up to her enjoyment as it is about getting the good hard spanking you need or deserve.

               The real pain comes during the next phase of the session. For this I’m usually placed face down across a bed, pillows supporting my hips, my red bottom exposed to whatever torments Miss Jennifer sees fit to inflict next. A wide array of implements has been used on me during this part of the session, among them canes, straps, belts, paddles and bath brushes. I am often oblivious to the specific implement as it is being utilized, though some I am painfully aware of. One of her favorites is a carpet beater, an almost innocent looking loop cane that Miss Jennifer uses mercilessly. You know that when she starts tapping that thing against your bottom that each stroke will become harder and harder until the pain is excruciating. I can feel the shape of the loop as it burns halo after halo of pain into my skin. It’s also not unusual in this phase for Miss Jennifer to pick up the rubber paddle again. It is such a small tool, and stings even worse when she has the room to swing it more effectively. I’ve hated that thing since our third session, but know I would miss it if she stopped using it on me.

               My favorite implements are the leather ones (until they are not), and I know that Miss Jennifer has used a variety of straps, tawses and belts on my bare behind. My favorite is the long belt. There is never enough room where she is spanking me for her to avoid hitting the wall or a piece of furniture on the back swing, so I get something of a warning just before each blow falls. The leather cuts into my tender (and by that point well roasted) bottom to great effect, but as much as I want it to stop, I’m often sad when it does. Another favorite implement of mine is the big school paddle, a monster that slams into almost every square inch of my bottom at the same time. Miss Jennifer has used this often on me, although mercifully the number of strokes is usually limited. That thing could do some genuine damage. The first time she used it on me she gave me ten hard swats. She then suggested that I take another ten, to which I said something like “let’s not and say we did.” That, of course, was all the reason she needed to apply an additional 15 good hard strokes. And I certainly deserved it for even thinking about arguing with her. Because Miss Jennifer owns the room, Miss Jennifer owns your bottom, and when you choose to walk into a room for a session with her you willingly give up whatever right you had to refuse her.

If there is one thing you can count on Miss Jennifer to do during a session, it is to find your limits and move right past them. There are plenty of moments when you wonder whether or not you will be able to endure it at all. The only thing that keeps you going is the deep desire to not disappoint her. Because you know that Miss Jennifer will refuse to compromise on the level of punishment she thinks you need or deserve. And as much as you might wish for her to be less intense, you know you would be disappointed if she ever gave you anything less than her best. She is a dedicated disciplinarian with sadistic streak that makes her all the more effective, and the only way to respond to her is with gratitude for every painful moment.


Carl ~ Chesapeake, VA 2016













My favorite naughty boy from DTW who had a 3 hr session….well the paddle gave up on me! (Trust me; it was bought from a very reputable store.) How sad! I guess his bottom was just too tough for this paddle LOL.





Being an alpha female makes it difficult to report to Jennifer for a session. I am a handful and do not listen to just anyone. You have to be a strong and forceful person. I can attest that Jennifer is very much in charge but also very kind in her approach. I sought Jennifer's services for life coaching and spanking therapy.  Although I am strong in some areas, I can be immature and willful in areas that are not in my best interest. I test the boundaries all the time. Jennifer knows that, you can't get anything past her, she will call you out each and every time. 

I had made agreements and promises I did not keep between the first and second session. I did not keep them because I was not ready to let go. Also I am not use to answering to anyone - no one! Even at work, I am the boss, so people answer to me, I don’t answer to them. Being accountable for my actions is new for me.

One good thing is I was totally honest with Jennifer because she knows if you lie - so DON’T EVER LIE! Before our session, she knew all the I had done and I knew the consequences. 

The day arrived when I was to report to Jennifer for our session. I was scared. I walked in the session room and she warmly greeted me. She is so good at making you feel comfortable. I did not want to be there and she knew this.  I sat on the chair and we started talking and I told her how I was feeling and we had a very warm, caring and sincere exchange. I started to relax, but then the music started and I got terrified. I watched as she got out her instruments. I think I looked like a deer in the headlights. She instructed me to lower my pants and get over her lap. I reluctantly did.  With my hands clutching the pillow I lowered my head on it and the spanking began.

I thought - not so bad - I can handle this, just don’t show that it’s not so bad and it won’t get harder. Don’t even kid yourself - she knows - you can’t fool her! She told me that I had made her angry since our last session and she can’t understand how I can be so intelligent yet make very poor choices.  And then the fly swatter, spoon and spatula followed and it HURT and STUNG!! But, that was just the beginning. I was told to stand up so she could really get to work.  She then instructed me to lay back down on the bed.  So I laid flat on the bed with my bare bottom and thighs as the target, again clutching the pillow with my hands.  And I can’t tell you what wood instruments were used but I could not hold still.  She had to literally hold me down while she beat my bare bottom.  She asked me if I was going to follow the rules and I honestly couldn't answer yes so I said maybe with a cute grin and the wooden bath brush came pounding down one right after the other until I said I am sorry and promised sincerely to follow the rules. Key word “sincerely”.  And the spanking continued until I was completely broken and crying.  And then the spanking stopped, but I kept crying for quite a while. I rarely ever cry, but that is what I needed. How does she know?

It’s been two days since my session and my bottom is still sore. A good reminder of changes I need to make and commitments I need to keep. 

For me this is better than any traditional therapy.  I made so much progress in just two sessions.  So, YES, I will see Miss Jennifer again. And NO, I will not enjoy the spanking - I will dread it! I know this is what I need to move forward in my life.  

January 2016, Los Angeles






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