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If you are interested in scheduling a session from the cities below, do

email me for an application.

Do put what city, date/time, and what type of session.


A session with Miss Jennifer, a completed application, a deposit through mail (only for sessions outside of USA), gift cards (only for sessions in the USA), and a phone call which is required.



A completed application is important.  It is to know you better, your likes, your dislikes, your experiences, to know and understand your personality, if you interest me, if I feel we are compatible, etc….



A deposit of my choice is required.

Your gift is determined by the length of session.


Phone call

Phone call is required. I like to talk to the guys and/or girls before the actual session. I like to get to know them, talk about their session in details, answer any other questions you may have, I may have and give further instructions.

Remember, I do fill up quickly and I do not take last minute session. If you want a session with me, don’t delay or you’ll be sorry.


I am…


+3 hrs from Pacific Time

+2 hrs from Mountain Time

+1 Central Time

-5 hrs from UK

-6 hrs from Germany



If you do not intend to complete an application like the way I want them, when approved to send a deposit the way I want them, and make time to chat on the phone about your session that is coming up…well then do not bother contacting me. I will never approve you.



The deposit is only refunded if…

I cannot come to your city that means it is NOT refundable because I do not cancel.


The deposit is not used for another future sessions if…

You cancel less than 2 weeks from your session date.

Your deposit was lost in the mail.

I always recommend sending the deposit by E-Gift Card.  It is fast, easy and safe. If you must send it by mail, I recommend sending it by priority mail and/or with delivery confirmation. Why? It doesn’t get lost.


I must cancel because I feel unsafe or (Only happened 2 times in my spanking life.) I feel you are not being respectful.


Your deposit can be used for another future sessions if…

 you cancel 2 weeks in advance (You can only cancel 2 times with 2 weeks in advance)  with the same deposit, after that you will lose your deposit).  I do not have the time or like to play games and hold your deposit for months because you keep canceling and rescheduling.

If you cancel your session last moment for any reason, your deposit can not be used for any future session. Your deposit is gone!


Postponing a city and postponing your session…

I will postpone a city to another date if I receive 3 or more last moment cancellation or due to severe weather warning (meaning my flight is canceled).

I can delay a session from 30 minutes to 1 hour if for some reason my plane is delayed.  This is something I cannot control.

So please expect that when scheduling a session with me.


***As a professional disciplinarian, I really have lots of fun because I really enjoy what I do but at the same time I take all of my sessions very seriously.  When I say I am coming to your city and you have sent a deposit, I will be there!!  I do expect the same from you.

I do not play games.  I am REAL.  I am exactly what you read on my website.

If you cancel last moment or just a no show, do not expect me to refund your deposit because I still had to pay for my flight, my hotel and plus my wasted time.  I will not accept anyone for another future session with a no show.  I do not like any spankee who does not have any respect and manners.

For spankees who called last moment to cancel…I will only accept you for another future session if you pay your tribute full in advance.


***My  phone number has changed***



Chicago, Dallas, Houston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Minneapolis, St Louis, NOVA (Northern Virginia), Columbus


Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, Phoenix, Arizona, Los Angeles, Seattle, Minneapolis, Columbus, Denver, NOVA (Northern Virginia)


Seoul, Korea, Minneapolis, Seattle, Columbus, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, San Francisco, Sacramento, NYC, Dallas,



Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver, Canada

Minneapolis, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Columbus and (few more cities to come)




  If u are wanting a session please do email me.  If I have never had a session with you…please ask for an application.

(If I do not respond to your email please do forward it again.  I get hundreds of emails daily and sometimes I just don’t see it.)





Only for picture I would wear certain outfits. Do not expect me to be in any outfit that is not okay to wear in public.








I had the honor to meet Jennifer and before the session, from filling up the application form to getting her approval and having the date set for the session. A few emotions were obvious: anxiety, nervousness, restlessness, self-doubt, excitement and even dread. 


i’m going to be spanked by Miss Jennifer” runs through my mind many time. This is followed by anticipation and a bit of nervousness as the time grows closer. My nervousness increases, the closer i get to the appointed time. I am also filled with self doubt, not sure that i want to go through with it, despite the fact that my brain tells me i need it and that fact that  really want it. It is shortly before the appointed date and time when the self doubt almost prevented me from going further. It takes courage to place myself into a situation where i know i will be subjected to a lot of pain perhaps excruciating pain. The courage to go forward is also helped by the assurance of Miss Jennifer, and the many testimonials that came before mine. 


On the day of the ‘encounter’, i try to focus on preparations showering, shaving, choosing what to wear, considering what to eat.. etc. All the tedium that we all go through every day prior to our workday, for example. Except that at the start of the work day, most of us aren’t in for the physical pain! this leads me to the more important aspect of the session, which is trust. I’m sure, the word trust is what everyone think about. Trust is essential to session with any disciplinarian. If there was one thing that i really appreciate about Miss Jennifer, it is that she makes you trust her, and i am certain that i will walk away unharmed- but not unhurt-from the session. A good disciplinarian hurt you, but will never harm you, and that is Miss Jennifer. For many people, the safe word is essential and you think that gives you trust. But a punishment is about trust and trust is a two way street. To ask for a safe word, is not trusting her to give you the punishment that you deserve. And there is not one moment that i regret not having the safe word after a session with her. She makes it her responsibility to care for and guide you through the session and ensure that you come through it safely. And our responsibility as her spankee will be to trust, to communicate before the session truthfully and to be determined to take what she is meting out. 


Don’t deprive yourself of a great experience because you are too proud or too shy to share about yourself to Miss Jennifer. If there is one thing i learnt from my session with Miss Jennifer, there is no shame in being a spankee, in liking pain and liking to be spanked. 


Come to grips with who you are and carry out that fantasy of yours with confidence in the safe hands of Miss Jennifer. I really enjoyed myself and i hope people who are still hesitating will take the plunge and enjoy yourself and indulge in the best spanking experience of your life:)



Singapore 2016




This week was the 4th time I’ve seen Miss Jennifer.  Before each session, we chat for a while.  She’s given me good ideas about eating better and ways to save time preparing salads and healthy meals.  Miss Jennifer also knows a lot about her profession and about the physical effects of a hard spanking.  Now I know why it’s important to stay hydrated, especially while the swelling and bruises are healing.  She takes her profession very seriously.

Once the music starts, it’s time to get down to business.  I slip my pants down to my knees and get over her lap.  She begins with her hand which gives a firm swat.  When she constantly strikes one area with her hand, it stings.  Then she moves onto brushes and paddles to get my bottom numb.  Miss Jennifer uses one stingy implement that has me squirming on her lap, and hugging the pillow.  After she’s done with it she shows me what it is – a salad spoon.  I can’t believe how much it hurt!  Miss Jennifer tells me that she’s learned to flick it to make it more painful – she’s very good!

After 15 minutes she tells me to get up so that she can do her job.   That’s when the real spanking begins. 

Miss Jennifer’s modis operandi is to spank as hard as I can stand it until my backsides are more numb and the swats are less painful.  Then she moves onto another implement and spanks harder. The intensity of the spanking grows and grows, and it’s a challenge to stay still.  I use and abuse the pillow to wipe the sweat off my brow, to scream into, and eventually to wipe tears away. 

After bringing up the pain intensity higher, she starts to spank where bottom and thighs meet – the sensitive sit spot.  I can’t escape into the pillow.  I barely can stand it, but I do.  Miss Jennifer spends so much time on that area that I know there’s a reason.  She starts using the sjambok, aka “the evil black thing”.  Miss Jennifer keeps spanking, spanking and spanking – pushing me to my physical and mental limits, and beyond.  I can’t hear the music.  I bite the pillow.  She brings me to tears.  The spanking continues, and I fight it less, resigned that it’s going to stop when she wants it to stop.  Finally she says, “two more”, then “five more”, and then “two more.” And it’s done.  She lightly spanks me with a paddle to bring me down.

The next morning I see only one bruise the size of my palm and a swollen bottom.  No bad marks.  I thought, “Man!  How does she do that?”  But that’s Miss Jennifer.  She knows what she’s doing and she enjoys doing it.  Will I see her a 5th time?  Absolutely!  Will I see her a 10th time?  More than likely.  Miss Jennifer knows what you need, and does her best to deliver it.


Houston - 2015





I met Jennifer for the first time today and it was an amazing experience. This was only my second spanking as an adult, and it was a 2 hour session. It took me decades to build up the courage to finally seek what I’ve been secretly desiring since I was very young. I was very rebellious from the ages 11 to15 and richly deserved a number of good spankings, but never received them. I received all of them today and then some. Jennifer was not only comforting and reassuring — I was still most definitely self-conscious about receiving a spanking at my age — but was very beautiful as well. As for the spanking she gave me, well, it was unforgettable to say the least. I was, to tell the truth, rather proud that I was able to endure the whole thing without trying to stop her relentless slapping with her hand, various paddles and brushes, and this terrible thin rubber elongated square-shaped implement. When she offered to evaluate my pain threshold I expected her to say a 7 or even an 8 out of 10, and at least a 6. She said I was a 3! I thought that I was pretty tough, and she said a 3! She did say that was good for a beginner, so maybe next time I’ll shoot for higher, but as sore as I am now, I’m not in a rush. In the end I can only say that my encounter with Jennifer was one of the highlights of my life, and I’ve led an unusually exciting and adventurous life.


(2015 OHIO)


Copyright (c) Miss Jennifer.  All Rights Reserved.



 Somehow the planets knew that I needed to be spanked. Accordingly, they aligned themselves such that within less than 24 hours of requesting and then submitting my application to Jen, I found myself at the receiving end of a spanking from her in a hotel room in London. Thanks, planets…..


I, like many others, have had a long-harboured desire to be spanked. The innocence of my childhood interest was somewhat ruined by my parents being called into school to discuss one of my pieces of literary genius (aged 6), which featured me being spanked very often for various misdemeanours by my parents. Thankfully my parents managed to fend off the child abuse allegations, and it was firmly put to me that writing such stories was inappropriate, and rather embarrassing for them. And so my interest went underground, but never went away.  I didn’t understand it, but all I knew as I was growing up was that this was a lifelong thing, hard-wired and embedded into my psyche, however weird I thought it was.


In my university years my interest prompted me to meet up with an older man who seemed nice online, for the purpose of receiving a spanking from him. The sheer horror I feel when I look back on that – a 20 year old getting into a stranger’s car, without telling anyone what or where she was going or doing, to be driven miles away to receive a spanking in the back of his car. More than spanking was offered during that meeting; I am forever grateful that this particular gentleman was not a bad apple and returned me to my home, having not had the fulfilling spanking that I had dreamed of, but also not having worse tales to tell of my experience. That was enough to put me off the idea for quite some time.


10 years later, the itch that never went away drove me to search for a disciplinarian in my area in the UK. I found many ladies that offered spanking, but most in the context of BDSM. I was pretty sure I didn’t want to find myself licking anyone’s shoes or wearing a gimp mask, and so the field of likely candidates found itself very thoroughly narrowed. It was by chance that Miss J’s page came up on a google search. As I read through the site, she just seemed right for me. Her directness on her webpage made me laugh – clearly she’s been asked to do all sorts by her potential clients. If you aren’t clear on what she doesn’t do before you read through her site, you’ll be crystal clear by the time you’ve finished browsing through it! Her directness appealed to me – she definitely seemed like my cup of tea. I noticed that she was only in the UK until the following day but thought it would be worth at least getting in touch, with the potential of meeting in the distant future, on a future trip to the UK. So, without really thinking about it, I emailed her to ask for an application. When it was pinged back to me, a couple of hours later, I filled it in (as much as possible – I couldn’t answer half of it (am I a ‘thuddy’ or ‘stingy’ spankee? I still don’t know) but did my best. The reply, that came within a couple of hours of sending it, left me in a state of shock; she was available the next day and was keen to meet. I didn’t have time to think about the reality of the situation I found myself in, and following a brief phone conversation (her American accent – so cute!), the next 12 hours of my night shift passed in a haze. Before I knew it, I was on a train, contemplating the very daunting prospect of having my backside painted red by someone who along with her many rules, is clear on her website that she spanks hard, for real. I’ll be honest – I felt sick (was that the pic n mix I had for breakfast though?).


Once I’d got to the hotel and met Jen, she immediately put me at ease. We talked for a very long time and she asked loads of questions. It was a conversation of equals and I honestly felt like I was talking to a friend. Clearly she’s experienced at putting nervous spankees at ease. This made all the difference for me. I can’t pretend I was paying full attention as we moved on to discuss why I needed/wanted to be spanked, or as Jen dispensed her advice - my brain was in meltdown as I knew the spanking was becoming evermore imminent.  When the time came I completely lost the ability to speak, but I think Jen knew this and just lead it from there.  I’m not sure she picked up the sarcasm in my response when she asked me if everything was ok after what I assume was the warm up – I think she actually believed I was having a wonderful time. Either way, the spanking continued. The infernal music with its relentless rhythm left little space for any kind of break – I spent a lot of time hoping for a really slow song to come on, but alas, it never did. There is little more to say about the spanking other than to verify what others have said; Jen does indeed spank hard. The unexpected benefit of it was that I was so tense, I spent the majority of it in a plank position – my abs had a great workout!


The session ended following a brief chat and a hug. My butt is still bruised, 5 days later, but the sense of a burden being lifted remains. The spanking with Jen was everything I had hoped for, and more. She is clearly very good at what she does. If you’re reading thsi and haven’t been spanked before but just know it’s something you want or need, don’t hesitate. You’re in safe hands with this lady. Thanks, Jen – I’ll be watching out for your next visit to the UK.


(London 2016)





After almost two years of repeatedly visiting and re-reading Miss Jennifer’s website, I finally found the nerve to email her for an application and all I can say is that I wish I had done this two years ago!


Although I was never spanked growing up, I’ve had a fascination with spanking along with a deep desire and need for discipline since as far back as I can remember.  10+ years ago, I explored this desire in the BDSM world but eventually just gave up as that wasn’t what I truly wanted or needed.  It was the discipline with strict and consistent consequences that I needed in my life, but not everything else that comes intermingled with that in the BDSM world.  Not even realizing at that time that professional disciplinarians existed, I just resigned myself to the fact that this deep need within me would never be satisfied.


As I sit here on a bruised, sore bottom after my second session with Miss Jennifer, all I can say is that I was very very wrong about that.  After completing my application, which was fortunately accepted by Miss Jennifer, my first session was set.  I can’t even explain the nerves and excitement I felt for the three weeks before that first session, so many thoughts going through my head I couldn’t even think straight.  Time flew by and before I knew it I was at the hotel for our scheduled session.  I almost turned around in the parking lot, and then again when I was inside the hotel, but the second Miss Jennifer opened the door and greeted me with her beautiful, warm smile and sweet demeanour, the nerves started to dissipate. We talked for a while and Miss Jennifer really took the time to get to know me, my desires, needs, concerns, and what I was looking to get out of the session.  I had chosen a life coaching/discipline session and she took genuine interest and time to get to the root of the issues I needed help dealing with and the desired outcome I wanted to find.  Now, I’m not good at opening up to people, especially to someone I barely know, but Miss Jennifer is one of the warmest and most genuine and caring people I’ve ever met which made it all so much easier.   


I’m not sure how long we talked for but without me even clueing into what was happening, Miss Jennifer had turned on the music (be warned, that’s the cue that it’s about to start!), sat on the bed, and told me to pull down my pants and get over her lap.  She had also brought a number of menacing-looking wooden implements over to the bed with her that were placed in her reach (good for her, not so good for me).  She started with a warm-up with her hand but don’t be fooled, it hurt.  A lot.  Started lightly but quickly got harder until all I could think about was the searing pain in my backside.  At some point she switched from her hand to a wooden paddle and hairbrush, but I honestly couldn’t even tell you when she switched, her hand delivered just as hard of a blow that the paddles did.  I clutched the pillow for dear life and focused all of my energy on staying still and not squirming away to give my poor bottom a break.  Even having experienced some spanking/paddling/whipping/caning in the BDSM world years back, that was not even comparable to the disciplinary spanking I was receiving right then and there.  Miss Jennifer was in complete and total control, which I both loved and hated in that moment. 


Miss Jennifer delivered a very real, very stern, very strict, and VERY hard spanking.  At the same time though, I always felt completely safe and could tell that she genuinely cared about my well-being.  It was also very apparent that this was not just a job for her, she loves what she does and that came across clearly throughout the session.


The after effect was a very bruised bottom and a sense of calm and happiness inside of me that I have never felt before in my life.  I don’t know how to explain it other than there is something that happens to the soul when a deep-rooted desire and need is finally satisfied.  I left that room with a huge smile on my face, along with a happiness, clarity and focus that I’ve never had before.  The experience was so wonderful that I scheduled my next meeting and saw Miss Jennifer again three weeks later for a session that was even more incredible than the first one (still feeling the effects of it too).


For those who are uncertain, nervous, or not sure if they can do this, all I can say is that you are in the best of hand with Miss Jennifer.  She genuinely cares about people and takes a real interest in getting to know her spankees to ensure that they have the best experience possible.  My only regret is not emailing Miss Jennifer two years ago when I first found out about her! 


Seattle – Female        (2016)






I'm writing this the morning after my evening hour with Miss Jennifer. I'm still sitting on a sore bottom. That is exactly what I'm looking for.

When I arrived yesterday to the door of Miss Jennifer's hotel room, I was quite anxious. I've been spanked by at least 6 other women disciplinarians or dominas. This is my first time with her. I didn't know what to expect and she didn't know my level of experience. 

We sat and had a wonderful conversation for about 10 minutes or so just to get to know one another. We discussed my spanking interests and she chose several implements. I saw several different sizes of wooden paddles and a hairbrush sized paddle. She then said we should get started and she helped me remove my pants. She sat on the hotel bed and had me lay over her knee. I had a pillow that I first used for comfort and near the end of the session used to scream in to. We got comfortable and she lowered my underwear just enough to expose my bare bottom and my upper thighs. I know she spanked me with her hand but she alternated some of the paddles. At first I could hardly tell the difference. Her hand connects quite hard. One thing that was totally different than any other spanking session for me was the music. She was concerned about the sounds of spanking and she turns on music at an acceptably loud volume. She then spanks to the beat. This means that she spanks constantly. Very few breaks. I was spanked almost for a solid 45 minutes. She alternated speed and intensity also based on the beat of the music. I had no concept of time during this experience but I assume as we approached the end of the session her intensity was increasing to a very high level. She was spanking me repeatedly in the same spot on my upper thigh for at least 6 straight spanks. I was reaching a point where I thought I would give up. She is wonderful at sensing how much you can take and pushes you a little to take more. Then she changes locations. She brought me to a spanking level I've never experienced before. This was a most awesome experience! I had a lot of pain but that is why I went to see her. Miss Jennifer gave my exactly what I wanted and even more than I expected.

She told me she is returning to Houston next month. I will do any thing to see her again. She convinced me to go longer next time so she could push me to see how much I can take. I'm already looking forward to my next visit. I hope our schedules will allow us to meet again.

By the way, I knew from her pictures on her website that she was attractive from the neck down but there are no face pictures for privacy issues. When she opened the door to allow me in I was presented with a most beautiful face to look at. She is a total package. Very attractive. If you are wanting a great spanking experience, spend the money to see Miss Jennifer. She is AWESOME!


Mark – Houston 2015







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