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If you are interested in scheduling a session from the cities below, do

email me for an application.

Do put what city, date/time, and what type of session.


A session with Miss Jennifer, a completed application, a deposit through mail, gift cards, online banking or bank wire and a phone call is required.



A completed application is important.  It is to know you better, your likes, your dislikes, your experiences, if you interest me, etc….



A deposit of my choice of gift is required.

Your gift is determined by the length of session.


Phone call

Phone call is required. I like to talk to my naughty boys, subs and spankees before the actual session. I like to get to know them, talk about the session in detail, answer any other questions you may have, I may have and give further instructions.

Remember, I do fill up quickly and I do not take last minute session. If you want a session with me, don’t delay or you’ll be sorry.


I am…


+3 hrs from Pacific Time

+2 hrs from Mountain Time

+1 Central Time

-5 hrs from UK

-6 hrs from Germany



The deposit is only refunded if…

I cannot come to your city that means it is NOT refundable because I do not cancel.


The deposit is not used for another future sessions if…

You cancel less than 2 weeks from your session date.

Your deposit was lost in the mail.

I always recommend sending the deposit by E-Gift Card.  It is fast, easy and safe. If you must send it by mail, I recommend sending it by priority mail and/or with delivery confirmation. Why? It doesn’t get lost.


I must cancel because I feel unsafe or (Only happened 2 times in my spanking life.) I feel you are not being respectful.


Your deposit can be used for another future sessions if…

 you cancel 2 weeks in advance (You can only cancel 2 times with 2 weeks in advance)  with the same deposit, after that you will lose your deposit).  I do not have the time or like to play games and hold your deposit for months because you keep canceling and rescheduling.

If you cancel your session last moment for any reason, your deposit can not be used for any future session. Your deposit is gone!


Postponing a city and postponing your session…

I will postpone a city to another date if I receive 3 or more last moment cancellation or due to severe weather warning (meaning my flight is canceled).

I can delay a session from 30 minutes to 1 hour if for some reason my plane is delayed.  This is something I cannot control.

So please expect that when scheduling a session with me.


***As a professional disciplinarian, I really have lots of fun because I really enjoy what I do but at the same time I take all of my sessions very seriously.  When I say I am coming to your city and you have sent a deposit, I will be there!!  I do expect the same from you.

I do not play games.  I am REAL.  I am exactly what you read on my website.

If you cancel last moment or just a no show, do not expect me to refund your deposit because I still had to pay for my flight, my hotel and plus my wasted time.  I will not accept anyone for another future session with a no show.  I do not like any spankee who does not have any respect and manners.

For spankees who called last moment to cancel…I will only accept you for another future session if you pay your tribute full in advance.





Dallas, Minneapolis, Cleveland, St Louis, Los Angeles, Boston,  Newark, NYC, Lexington, Chicago, Tyson Corner in VA


San Francisco, Minneapolis, Tyson Corner, VA, Dallas, Tulsa, Charlotte, St Louis, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Detroit, Newark, and Kansas City.



  If u are wanting a session please do email me.  If you are new…please ask for an application.

(If I do not respond to your email please do forward it again.  I get hundreds of emails daily and sometimes I just don’t see it.)




Only for the picture I would wear certain outfits. Do not expect me to be in any outfit that is not okay to wear in public.



Only for the picture I would wear certain outfits. Do not expect me to be in any outfit that is not okay to wear in public.

TY for the gifts (heart paddle, stocking, garter, heels)

Heart Paddle by:

Copyright (c) Miss Jennifer.  All Rights Reserved.










Miss Jennifer,


I know it's been a long time since you've spanked me, but I just wanted to give you another compliment. You were the first disciplinarian I've ever seen, and I came back to you and have seen you twice now. I wish I could see you more, but I am very limited on choices, since I travel all over and only book to those who happen to be in the same city I'm working in (sadly our schedules rarely match up). 


Today I have seen the 3rd domestic disciplinarian I've ever seen, and I will say about 5 minutes in I was wishing you were the one giving me the spanking. I just thought you deserved a shout out, because my last testimonial was telling you how good you are, but I had nobody to compare you to. Now that I've seen one other disciplinarian who was "pretty good", and the one today that was "OK", which proves to me that you are simply on a whole other level. You are, in my mind, the best domestic disciplinarian there is to offer because of three things that I've noticed compared to others I have seen:

1) Being a novice myself, you really make a role play scene comfortable and relaxing.

2) You are good, no, REALLY good at role playing, and extremely convincing. Both scenes I've had with you are on an entirely different level than what I've had with anyone else.

3) You are great at knowing a spankees tolerance. You know how to work them into a spanking and not spank too light or hard and keep a scene going for the entire duration that was scheduled.


All of these things is what I've lacked from anybody else I've seen, and I just think you deserve the kudos, because you really are the best at what you do.


Hope to see you again sometime in the future (when our travel schedules actually line up).


(Chesapeake 2014)




I had the pleasure of visiting Miss Jennifer recently in Dallas for the first time.  This was a new experience for me and I was quite uncertain how it would play out.  Afterwards, I recognized that it was clearly a unique opportunity for me, perhaps an opportunity of lasting value.  I can certainly support the consensus that Miss Jennifer is beautiful, intelligent, considerate, extremely insightful and “thorough” in applying her skills.  I arrived feeling like an “abnormal” individual.  Upon leaving she assured me that we were both quite “normal” and I agreed.  I felt very calm and relaxed when I left (of course, I was standing at the time).


We had discussed some things I would like to change about myself and procrastination was highest on my list.  I’m really very good at it, as many people are.  It is just so easy to delay things which we recognize as having to be done ultimately, just not now.   I am good at rationalizing my delays, but now when I have the opportunity to delay, Miss Jennifer comes to mind and I do think twice and do seem to apply myself to a task sooner.  I should loose 10 pounds.  I have wanted to do so for at least 10 years.  It’s not critical, but it would be healthy and I know I could do it if I really tried.  We all have many “optional goals”, those that we would be happy to accomplish, but don’t really have to.  I have now set my weight loss deadline to be when we next meet.  So there, visiting her is healthy (just not reimbursable by insurance).  I also want to see her whenever she visits Dallas.  I guess I better get busy making those arrangements.


Robert,  Dallas  2014





Miss Jennifer


Sorry to take so long to write. I had my first session with Miss Jennifer about a week ago.  I still bear a few reminders of our encounter.

I wrote to Miss Jennifer and was approved about three weeks before the session. This was both good and bad. The good was that I had lots of time to fantasize about the session and about being spanked by a real pro. The bad was I had lots of sleepless nights wondering just how painful the spanking would be.  About the time I was in contact with Miss Jennifer for the first time, I saw my “regular mistress”.  After discussing about receiving a “real spanking”, she proceeded to rip into my butt. Being an ex body builder and weight lifter, she packs quite a wallop. Well, she said she gave me all she had and I was still able to get around on my own power so I figured seeing Miss Jennifer would be no sweat.

I had to travel two and a half hours to see her as that was the closest she would be to my home. It was a long drive down, full of anticipation. I left real early figuring for the traffic and the fact it was supposed to be raining where she was. Well, as usual, traffic was light and no rain so I arrived an hour and a half early. Sitting in the lounge watching the minutes slowly tick by were almost unbearable.

Finally the appointed time arrived and I made the call. She gave me the room number and up I went. She met me at the door and, while not entirely surprised at how she looked, more surprised that her testimonial letters were right on the mark. This sweet, almost “cherub” like person answered the door.  She was all smiles and full of positive energy. Of course, she was the spanker not the spankee. We spoke for about 20 minutes or so about all kinds of things. She is truly easy to talk with. It was then time to start the session.

I had requested a hand spanking but she discussed trying some of her other implements too. I agreed putting myself in her capable hands. She put on some music and began hand spanking me to the beat. The hand spanking was incredible. It was bearable and at times, almost pleasant. Don’t kid yourself, she really pushes the envelope and for someone whose hand was almost half of mine, she spanks hard!

But that was just the warm up. Then she took turns with the other items including a brush, several paddles, a weird thing that looked like a hockey puck on a stick and of course the awful rubber looking paddle thing. These items really pushed the envelope. I was actually looking forward to those few seconds between songs where she slowed or stopped for just a moment. Each of these items was stingy to say the least.  I had signed up for the ninety minute session and she used every second. I was sweating so badly, I had to take off my shirt.

Then, just like that, she was done and let me up. Wow. That’s about all I can say is WOW. I got myself together and we chatted a bit again and again with the smiles and a warm hug. It was a long two and a half ride home in the car though and my butt was sore for a few days but it’s kind of funny….I can’t wait to see her again….

Chuck from California  2014





I had the complete pleasure of having a session with the lovely Miss Jennifer.  Let me say first that she is a real treasure. She is a woman who knows what she is doing and knows how to deliver a professional grade ass whipping. In my experience this is actually quite rare. There are a number of women out there who will spank your bottom but only a small handful who both deeply understand the  dynamic of spanking and have the ability to deliver in a way that will leave you gasping for breath knowing that you just got the spanking of your life.                        

I scheduled my first session with Miss Jennifer recently.  I usually don't need an excuse for a spanking but I was feeling guilty about a some real life behavior and asked her to address it for me.  She dug right in asking me questions about my behavior that had me red faced.  She, of course, then delivered the verdict that I need a good old fashioned bare bottom spanking.  I endured the 50 minutes of spanking by gritting my teeth and holding on for dear life. I deserved what I got but it was a real challenge for me- like a good spanking should be.  


I am so grateful that I had a chance to see her and I am sure I will schedule again when she passes through my area.  





ps  I want to get on your dance card when you come though next month! 

California 2014







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